Benching & Shelves


The glasshouse needs a range of fittings to perform effectively. Benching and shelves are usually first on the list of requirements. Harrier GD supplies a variety of styles to suit customers individual requirements.

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Cold Frames

Sliding and Hinged options for glazed lids.

Cold frames are to many gardeners, just as important as the greenhouse itself! Harrier GD design and manufacture a range of cold frames and English Lights for the discerning gardener, professional or otherwise! Various styles and materials can be used to suit customers requirements.

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Cedar shades rolled down

The most effective method of reducing the temperature, or to control light levels within a glasshouse, is to attach external shades. We offer two main types: Silver Reflective and Cedar Slats. Both can be fixed or retractable.

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Cumming - build works

In a working greenhouse grates can be used over a duct for heating pipes. They can also be used in conjunction with other flooring, purely as an aesthetic feature.

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Vent Mechanisms

Side vent gear - lever and linkage - whitehall

Ventilation is the key to a good glasshouse. To achieve satisfactory air flow it is best to have both roof and side ventilation to ensure an even and strong flow of air through the structure. Harrier GD offers a variety of vent mechanisms to operate your glasshouse vents.

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Traditional vent gear - note lever at  drop rod

In a glasshouse there are two sorts of lights typically used - General access lighting and Grow lighting. For either of these, we can offer a solution!

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Cresting & Finials

Small thistle and finial

Cresting & Finials finish the ridge and intersection of the barge boards, and define the Victorian greenhouse. They are available from Harrier GD in a range of shapes & sizes.

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Vine Supports

Vine wire supports

In order to ensure the high light levels needed by a vine, it is useful to incorporate vine wires into your greenhouse.

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Thermal Screens

Thermal screen - mcneil

Harrier GD has installed Thermal Screens in more specialised applications. They are 'silver blankets' which effectively reduce the area to be heated, as well as reflecting radiant heat back into the greenhouse.

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